Grants the Champion an 18% chance of getting an Extra Turn immediately after their turn.

Though heavily dependent on luck, this is an extremely powerful Artifact Set, and is a good fit for almost any Champion. If you have a support Champion – such as a buffer or debuffer – you usually want them to cycle their turns and use their Skills as often as possible. No other Set gives them this ability. Combine it with Skills that also grant Extra Turns, and it becomes even more powerful, letting the wearer go multiple times and potentially heal their whole team – or even kill the enemy’s. There are countless ways to use and combine this Set with other Skills and effects – such as those that decrease Skill cooldowns – which rightfully makes it one of the most widely used Artifact Sets around. Once an Extra Turn occurs, the chance of getting consecutive Extra Turns drops by 45% each time, as follows: 18% -> 9.9% -> 5.5%, and so on.
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