The wearer’s Turn Meter will increase by 10% for every 5% HP lost from each hit of an enemy attack

This Set is incredibly useful in certain situations, such as when equipped by Champions who have a sort of recovery or “catch-up” Skill. For example, in Arena Defense – where attacking teams will usually try to weaken your Defense down with multiple AoE attacks – having your healer on a Frenzy Set will allow them to fill their Turn Meter faster than the next enemy champion’s, letting them heal your team, or even interrupt the enemy team’s turn order. The effects from this Artifact Set are measured on a per-hit basis. This means that the wearer’s Turn Meter will only increase if a single hit causes them to lose at least 5% of their HP. However, each hit can increase the Turn Meter by more than 10%. For example, if a hit deals 18% of the Champion’s HP, the Turn Meter will increase by 30%. Each hit in multi-hit Skills is counted separately. The effects of this Set won’t occur from HP lost from [Poison] debuffs, Skills that do self-damage, or other Skills that modify or balance Champion current or MAX HP.
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